Monday, 12 February 2018

Israel Lobby Pressures Qatar to Kill Al Jazeera Documentary

A major Al Jazeera  four part TV documentary expose called  'The Lobby'  about the power and operations of the Israel Lobby in the U.S. Quatar  is being squeezed from various angles so as not to air the documentary. However, a foreign ministry spokewoam said.

“…Qatar denies the false news about requesting the Al Jazeera Network to suspend the airing of the documentary that was produced by the latter.”

We see this news in the context of the blockading countries’ tireless attempts to cast scepticism over Qatar’s open and progressive model of governance and to make a case for repeating their demand to shut down Al Jazeera. Shutting down Al Jazeera has been an objective of the quartet which owns dozens of media outlets but seems unable to compete with Al Jazeera, in what should be a free market of ideas. It seems like their inability to compete and gain credibility is what is driving these campaigns to defame Qatar and its various positions.” More information and the full story can be read here.

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