Monday, 5 February 2018

Muhammad Burnat - Son of non violent resister Iyad arrested by IOF

Whilst Non-violent Palestinian resistor Iyad Burnat was in Turkey for the operation on his son Majd’s leg (who was shot in the leg by the army 3 years ago and has had partial paralysis ever since), Iyad’s other son Muhammad, 14 years old, was abducted from his home last night. He joins his brother Abdul-Khaliq, 16, in the cold, underground dungeon of the military prison. Abdul-Khaliq has been there since before xmas. 3 sons, all of whom have been injured, abused, arrested and terrorised. The youngest son, who is just 3, was also recently treated for tear gas inhalation. WHEN DOES THIS END? The cruelty, the viciousness, treating children as pawns in a game? All thoughts with you and your children today Iyad. Thanks to Zoe!

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