Friday, 16 February 2018

Press release about Hamas talks with Egyptian intelligence chief

Press Release

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Dr Khalil al-Hayya stated the following:

Hamas delegation, included Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh, Members of Hamas Political Bureau Rawhi Mushtaha, Fathi Hammad and Khalil al-Hayya, met on Wednesday evening with the chief of the Egyptian Intelligence Agency Abbas Kamel and discussed in depth the political developments of the Palestinian cause, humanitarian situation in Gaza, internal reconciliation and the political and security relations with Egypt.

The delegation explored the dangers facing the Palestinian cause in the light of the latest US decisions related to Jerusalem and Palestine refugees. The delegation stressed on refusing all American attempts to undermine the Palestinian rights and principles. The delegation also stressed that Palestine is for the Palestinians and Egypt for the Egyptians.

Hamas delegation discussed the dire humanitarian conditions in Gaza, which almost became on the brink of collapse due to the dilapidating medical and environment sectors. Hamas stressed, during the discussions, on the importance to fully open the Rafah Crossing and to work hard on ending the suffering of the Gaza residents and improving their humanitarian and economic conditions.

Regarding the bilateral relations, Hamas underlined the importance to protect Egypt’s national security, considering it an Arab and Palestinian priority, as well as to safeguard the Egyptian-Palestinian borders in order not to be used to harm the Palestinian or Egyptian security.

The delegation also discussed the reconciliation and stressed on the importance to go ahead on this track regardless to any obstacles, stressing on the importance that Egypt resumes its role and follow up of this file.

Hamas found a positive Egyptian response in this regard as Egypt said it would dispatch a security delegation to Gaza soon to monitor the implementation of the reconciliation terms and to work on solving the crises of Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian official, Al-Hayya said, reiterated Egypt’s support for the Palestinians regarding the establishment of their state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees. He also stressed on supporting Gaza, considering this part of the Egyptian national security, as well as he promised to work on opening the Rafah Crossing naturally in the future.

Dr Khalil al-Hayya

Member of Hamas’s political bureau

13 February 2018

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