Saturday, 3 March 2018

How Sick Are They?- Israeli troops force woman with Down syndrome to strip

Some 20 soldiers raided Mabrouk and Inas’ home on 8 February, while Mabrouk was still shackled in an Israeli hospital.

“His wife, Inas, was at home with his mother, Huriyyah, 75, and his sister Dalal, 50, who is mute and suffers from Down syndrome,” B’Tselem stated. “The two women had come to keep Inas company since Mabrouk’s arrest.”

A female soldier subjected all three to humiliating strip searches.

Inas, “stark naked,” was ordered to kneel on the ground for two or three minutes.

“I wished I could die, so I wouldn’t have to experience another second of this,” she recalled.

Inas and the soldier had to help elderly Hurriyah undress.

“The soldier looked at my private parts. I cried the whole time,” Huriyyah told B’Tselem. “How could a young soldier force an old woman like me to take off all my clothes in front of her and expose myself like that?”

The soldier ordered Inas to help her take off Dalal’s clothes as well. Read Full Story Here.

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