Saturday, 3 March 2018

Israel has been killing People for a long Time

 Zafer al Masri.

On the 32nd anniversary of the Zaina Masri's uncle's assassination, the beloved Mayor of Nablus, Zafer al Masri. His Beloved niece and activist for Palestinian Human rights Zaina, tells the story below.

"Some of you here know this story and some don't but I'll  tell it every year. Because it's important to understand the complexity of misinformation and mistrust and how the Zionist cancer has eaten its way into parts of our society. And it's important for me to honor my uncle.

You can read about it in several news articles but they don't tell the whole truth. How the assassin apologized when he realized that he was misinformed but it didn't really matter by then because my uncle was already gone. I could be angry at a lot of people and at times I am but it is israel who I hold ultimately responsible. Though the bullets didn't come from a zionist gun, Zafer's murder was a direct result of mistrust from israeli occupation. A pattern of mistrust and misunderstanding of one another that has only deepened throughout much of Palestine- 70 years of this brutal israeli invasion has done a real number on our people. Land, safety and trust is eroded beyond comprehension. Let this be a lesson for us all to learn from please.

I remember seeing Ammo Zafer's picture displayed in my father's home when I was a little girl. When I asked what happened to him, I'll never forget the look of hardness in my father's eyes. The pain we all still carry. I know his son will probably see this post, and I send you love and strength dear cousin.

According to the Nablus Guide: "His Funeral was attended by more than 200 thousand people and was a mark in the history of the city of Nablus. He will always be a patriotic martyr.
In addition to his civic activities, Zafer al Masri was known for his generosity and was referred to as “Father of the Poor.” His philanthropic activities are continued today through the Zafer Masri Foundation serving the citizens of Nablus and Palestine."

I honor my Great-uncle every day but especially today. On Sunday, in my nations capital, I march for you also Ammo."

Our #Hero. Our #Martyr. #RIP #ZaferAlMasri

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