Sunday, 27 May 2018

Palestinians Don't get Justice

In 2001 a Jewish settler who clubbed a Palestinian child to death with a rifle butt was sentenced to six months' community service in January 2001 in a decision denounced as an outrage by human rights organisations. 

The Jerusalem district court said it decided not to jail Nachum Korman the squatter who murdered 11-year-old Hilmi Shusha four years earlier because he had only been convicted of manslaughter by negligence, and had served eight months in prison. It fined him 70,000 shekels (about £11,600 at that time).

Yet here we are today and Ahed Tamimi (16 years old at the time of her arrest for slapping an Israeli soldier after earlier the IOF had shot the face of her cousin Mohammad), her mother Nariman, and her brother remain in prison in Israel. Another example is the case of Elor Azaria who was released from an Israeli prison after serving only nine months for shooting dead an injured Palestinian in 2016. The Israeli Apartheid state ensures that there is little or no justice if you oppose any thing to do with the Zionist regime or its lackeys.

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