Monday, 21 May 2018

Proof That Christians Should Absolutely Not Support Zionism!

Christians Should Not Support Zionism!

Please look to the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you, because many Christian people have been teaching false doctrine regarding the Jews and Israel.

If you read this based on your current understanding, then your previous programming may cause you to dismiss it as anti-semitic (which you will clearly see, is not possible.)

Be sure to read it all the way through, as it reveals who is a true Israelite, who is a true Jew, and who are the promised children of God.

Consider the following facts to see why Christians should NOT support the state of Israel. Rather we should pray for Jews to come to know Jesus as their Messiah.

Rabbinical Torah Jews believe that the Zionist state of Israel is illegitimate in the eyes of God and that it DOES NOT represent true Jews or Judaism.

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