Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A very strong op-ed from Dr. Brendan Browne in today's Irish Times - A must Read

Palestinians deserve better than fraudulent narratives

If your solidarity amounts to a mild shopping inconvenience, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate

Brendan Browne

In the Jerusalem suburb of Abu Is our weekly football game is about to start. For an eclectic group of men, the football pitch is an escape. It is the great leveller. A place to mask the everyday reality. Over the course of my time in Palestine my Arabic has been honed on the pitch.

I speak broken Arabic while others speak broken English – sometimes to comedic effect. But on Wednesday past, nothing was lost in translation when my friend, a highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon, recounted his recent work in Gaza.

We have all read accounts of what is happening and formed our opinion based on these. A population’s anguish becomes sanitised as it becomes quantified. Personal narrative is lost amid the constantly shifting discourse of the “conflict”.

Nothing is more powerful than the forensic articulation of trauma first hand. Sixty-two unarmed Palestinian protesters were killed on Monday, May 14th. However, many remain in a vegetative state, the result of “targeted” and “surgical” shots to the head. 


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