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9 Years for providing aid

" Mohammed Mortaja"  fr
oTurkish Coordination Agency sentenced to nine years in prison for his part in providing  humanitarian aid to the people of the besieged Gaza Strip

The funeral of the two children, "Amir Al Nemra" and "Louay Kahil"

The funeral of the two children, "Amir Al Nemra" and "Louay Kahil", who were killed because of the Israeli occupation raids on a civilian building in Gaza City.

Abby Nails it

Razan Al Najjar’s family continues in her footsteps

Friday, 13 July 2018

Excerpt from “The Politics of Anti Semitism” Edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair (2003) - Thanks To Rico

Israel intends to raze Khan al-Ahmar hamlet within few days

The Israeli occupation army’s civil administration intends to flout injunctions recently issued by the high court of justice against the evacuation of the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar in east Jerusalem and demolish the hamlet in the next few days. 

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BDS is a war Israel can’t win by @StanleyCohenLaw

Israeli think-tank fellow Yossi Klein Halevi, writing recently in the Los Angeles Times would have American readers believe that the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement is “immoral” and threatens the peace of “the region’s only intact society”, while simultaneously boasting it can’t touch Israel’s health and global economic integration.

Yet his reasoning from “morals” rings hollow, and amounts to little more than the shilling of the professional apologist industry deployed on Israel’s behalf throughout the Western media, in the never-ending defence of the oppressive status quo in Palestine.

Halevi excoriates BDS, disingenuously, for making the Jewish state “the world’s most pressing problem” today, while extolling Israel’s freedoms and national righteousness. Of course, his complaint manages to engage in both self-pitying and craven boosterism at the same time – a kind of perverse humble-brag. 
Read This Story By Staley Cohen on cyberguerrilla.

“The Team that could have been #Israeli human rights violations through the lens of sport.” By @visualizingpal

Israel is about to "give" East Jerusalem's nature reserve and the city's historic Muslim cemetery to Israeli settlers

Palestinians on high alert as Israel prepares to hand over East Jerusalem nature reserve and Muslim cemetery to settlers. 

Just outside the walls of the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem, a years long demographic battle between the Israeli state and Palestinian residents of the city has found new life in recent weeks.

Right-wing settler NGO Elad, also known as the City of David Foundation, celebrated a win last week when the Interior and Environment Committee of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, advanced a bill that would allow for the construction of Jewish settlement housing to be built inside areas zoned for national parks within municipal boundaries. Read Full Story on Mondoweiss.


Retired USA colonel & diplomat, Ann Wright, sailing to Gaza on the #FreedomFlotilla talks about Israel's siege

After being separated by the Israel Occupation for 17 years - Fehmi Kenaan Emotionally embraces his mother for the first time in Istanbul

What's behind Israel's 'Jewish State' bill?

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Israel Targeted 4 Boys ON A beach in 2104 Assault

Palestinian Flag Flying High In International Yacht Race

Ireland Bans Israeli Settlement Goods - Israel Threatens to Close Embassy

July 8, 2018: Ya’coub Fayeq Nassar, 18, died of wounds sustained 9 years ago, when he was shot by Israeli forces & paralyzed

July 8, 2018: Ya’coub Fayeq Nassar, 18, died of wounds sustained 9 years ago, in 2009, when he was shot by Israeli forces and paralyzed. Read Story Here.

Israel Cares little for its Critics

Victory as Ireland becomes the first country to fully ban everything that's produced in Israel's illegal settlements

Yesterday Seanad ร‰ireann voted on the Occupied Territories (Settlement Goods) Bill, This Bill, introduced by Independent Senator Frances Black, this means that trade between Ireland and the illegal settlements will be prohibited. More info can be found here.

What a Racist Sounds Like

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Ireland leads the way

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Daily Abuses Suffered By Palestinians By Illegal Squatters

Lest You Forget

Anniversary of the Lod massacre

Today marks the Anniversary of the Lod massacre that was committed by Zionist gangs (11 July 1948), where a commando unit led by "Moshe Dayan" and committed a massacre in the city of  Lod in  Palestine.

A Palestinian student from the Islamic University of #Gaza produces a new treatment for cancer without hair loss!

French politician Robert Badinter describes the true face of #Israel since its inception

Some Very Sad Stats

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Palestine 1906 - When They Say it Never Existed

“Time and Money in Different Countries” cigarette card from 1906. Palestine was recognised as a country governed by Turkey. It’s area was 11000 sq miles and its capital was #Jerusalem

Second Freedom Flotilla Set Sail Today

Robert Ballagh Calls For Boycott

Renowned artist and set designer Robert Ballagh is another of the scores of Irish public figures who are calling for a boycott of in Apartheid Israel.

The Cruel Blockade Of Gaza

Palestinian farmers urge Irish politicians to back the ban on Israeli goods before Israel expels them from their homes

Fayez and Muna al-Taneeb meet  a farming couple from Gaza  met with a local farmer John O’Connell from Carrigaline, Co Cork, ahead of   the Occupied Territories Bill going to the Seanad on 
Tuesday. They  believe Israel’s goal ‘is to uproot us from our land’ The farming couple from West Bank Bill want to urge politicians to back  Independent Senator Frances Black's Bill  which would prohibit Ireland purchasing products from the occupied territories. Full Story Here.

Today is the anniversary of the #Holocaust that Israel committed in Gaza

Is Israel the Real Terrorist State?

IMPORTANT: This video is not anti-Semitic. It is anti-Zionist. If you don't know the difference, then do some research. Look past the messenger. The proof I speak of is in the news reports shown in this video, not the word of the narrator. This video reveals who the real terrorists are. The traitors in our government support this because they are paid off by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the Zionist Israel Political Action Committee in Washington. Most of our politicians in Washington sign an agreement of allegiance with AIPAC in order to receive the bribes and the money they pay out to support their re-election campaigns. These politicians are clearly traitors and terrorists, and have repeatedly sold out American lives in staged terror attacks and unconstitutional, immoral and genocidal wars for their own political gain. And they continue to support acts of terrorism and treason. They will take us into World War 3 with Israel unless we stop them now! Support Ron Paul! He is the only candidate in the race for the presidency who is not bought off by the terrorists.

The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat

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Thank You Sweden

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They blew his jaw off

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Support Ariel Gold

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Richard Burdon tells it like it is

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Could you live like this?

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Israel is a vile cruel nation

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Israel is addicted to abuse

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Ddaily abuses suffered by Palestinians

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A true hero

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Janna Jihad visits South Africa

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128 innocent people

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The abuse continues

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Ariel deserves an apology.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pure unadulterated Evil

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Ariel Elyse Gold Interview

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IOF thugs practicing their brutality

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

IOF cowards use illegal ammo

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The psychos celebrate

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R.I.P. all the children murdered by Israel

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Monday, 2 July 2018

Please sign and share to those who would like to see this happen

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Violated by Israel

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Israel murders children daily

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Squatter terrorism sponsored by Israel

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Roger Waters _ Appeal To People OF Ireland

11yr-old Yasser - Shot Through The Head By An Israeli Sniper

So Horrific Stats - What If These Were Your Children

Women's March For Gaza

You Could Get Shot For Dancing In Palestine

9 Years for providing aid

" Mohammed Mortaja"  fr o m  Turkish Coordination Agency sentenced to nine years in prison for his  p art in providing  humani...