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Sabra and shatila massacre 16 and 17 September 1982 (3500 deaths)

Remembering the Sabra and Shatila massacre 16 and 17 September 1982 (3500 deaths)

" those who cannot learn from history are condemned to repeat " George Santayana "

In the morning of Saturday, 18 September 1982, journalists who entered the Palestinian refugee camps in sabra and shatila, near Beirut in Lebanon, had a horrible vision.

Body batteries littering the dusty streets
Camps, Joint Graves had been built in haste and the buildings had been razed to the bulldozer on the corpses.

The people murdered were older men,
Women and children. A massacre had taken place. The number of deaths
Was estimated to be thousands.

What happened to it? What could have caused this kind of inhuman massacre? Who did this?

It was the questions that punctuate the silence of the
Morning after the massacre stopped. We're still laying down.
Today these questions, more than two decades after events.

To try to answer these questions, once again, the story:

On 6 June 1982, the Israeli army invaded Lebanon
In what she described as "retaliation" for the
Attempted assassination on the Israeli ambassador in London, Argov,
June 4 The Invasion, called "operation peace in Galilee",
Progress quickly.

On 18 June 1982, Israel had surrounded the armed forces
Of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in the
West of the lebanese capital. A Ceasefire, negotiated by
The United States Envoy, Philip Habib, had as a consequence
The Evacuation of the plo from Beirut on 1 September 1982.

On 11 September 1982, the minister of defence
Israeli, Ariel Sharon, the architect of the invasion, announced that
"2.000 terrorists" remained inside refugee camps
Palestinians around Beirut.

On Wednesday, 15 September, the day after the assassination
The leader of the falangist militia allied with the Israelis and elected president
Lebanese, Bashir Gemayel, the Israeli army occupied Beirut-West,
"surrounding and closing" the sabra and shatila camps, where
Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. Israel justified its initiative in
Beirut-West by a need to maintain order and stability after
The assassination of gemayel.

However, several days later, Ariel Sharon has
Declared to the knesset, the Israeli Parliament: " our entry into
Beirut-West was destined to make war against infrastructure
Left by terrorists."

The Israeli army then disarmed, as far as
She could, the anti-Israeli militias in Beirut-West, then
That she left her weapons to the Christian phalangists militias of

At noon on 15 September 1982, refugee camps
Were completely surrounded by Israeli tanks and soldiers,
Who have installed checkpoints at strategic locations and
The carrefours around the camps to monitor all entries
And the exits.

At the end of the afternoon and all night, the camps were bombed.

Thursday, 16 September 1982 around noon, a unit
About 150 Armed Phalangists (this is what Israel claims) is
Entrance to the first camp.

For the following 40 hours, members of the
Militia militia raped, killed and injured a large number of civilians
Non-Armed, most of which were children, women and
Elderly people inside the surrounded and curly camps.
The estimate of victims varies between 700 (official figure of
Israelis) and 3.500.

Victims and survivors of massacres
Never had an official investigation into the tragedy, since the
Israel's kahan commission had no legal mandate and had no
No Judicial Power.

This massacre is considered the only massacre
Bloody Israeli terrorist army and he claims
Participation of allies, but you can think he won't be
Last. In particular, after what we saw in the last
Israeli war against Lebanon.

The world will not observe a minute of silence for the victims
Innocent of sabra and shatila, nor reports about
Survivors and their unfortunate existence at the scene of this crime


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