Wednesday, 2 January 2019

NYT investigation into the Killing of Medic Razan Al Najar

On June 1, an IOF soldier shot into a crowd of protesters at the Great March of return. This shot, as with many others subsequently was responsible for the killing of an innoccent Palestinian. On this occasion it happened to be a volunteer medic named Razan al-Najjar. Israeli officials say soldiers only use live fire as a last resort. The investigation shows otherwise. Over 1,000 photos and videos 
were analyzed by NYT. They freeze the fatal moment in a 3-D model of the protest, and interview more than 30 witnesses and I.O.F. commanders to reveal how Razan as killed. To top it all of the IOF doctored video footage to try and blame the death of the innocent medic squarely on her shoulders. The NYT analysis appears to prove that this was far from true and the killing of Razan was highly likely to be a war crime.

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