Blog Disclaimer – Things I Take Responsibility For


This is a  blog. It is about Palestine and the Suffering of the Palestinian People. You don't like it then don't read it. You aren't being forced to. It's simple, click away, close window or put in another URL.  All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of anyone else. I am responsible for the content – not anyone else. My employer is not responsible. Any group, organization, church, agency or entity that I may be associated with is not  responsible either.  It's about Palestine and raising awareness of the suffering of the Palestinian people. Anything I post is designed to raise awareness of this.

Mistakes and Stupidity:

I may make a mistake  and write something stupid. Actually, that's highly likely. Again, you don't have to jump on it or take everything as gospel truth. I do my best.

Changing my Mind:

Over time my thoughts and opinions may change but not on Zionism. Posts are intended to give insight into the life and sufferings of the  Palestinians at the time the post is written.  If I find any inaccuracies I will endeavor to correct A.S.A.P.

Well Use your head. If anyone thinks there is something that is breaking copyright simple please inform me and I will remove it immediately.

Blog Disclaimer- Things I’m not Responsible for:

Eternal Accuracy:

The information in this  Blog is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights. I’ll do my best to make sure all the information, including links, are accurate at the time of posting but there’s no guarantee that information posted today will still be valid or accurate in the future.

Incoming Links:

I can’t control who links to me. If I could you can bet I’d be setting myself up for some major PR juice! If you see a questionable site linking to my blog take it up with them, not me. I don’t submit my blog to “link farms” or directories so if they find me it was all on their own.

Personal Offense:

I promise to try my best not to not knowingly injure, defame, or libel anyone. If content matter, bad grammar, slang or punctuation translates or is interpreted into something bad in your country or culture it was certainly not my intent and I will not be held responsible for it. If you’re bound and determined to find insult where none was intended feel free to close the window and not return.

Bad Decisions:

I am no expert on the matter on this Blog. So what I write is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. I do my best to provide valid up-to-date information.  Use your own brainpower instead of mindlessly making decisions based on what I write. You won’t be compensated in any way if you suffer a loss/damage/inconvenience because of something written in this blog. I am not nor ever have been anti-semitic. I disagree with what the Israeli government and the IOF are doing to the beautiful people of Palestine. I believe I am duty bound as a human being to call them out on these things.

Making Money:

I do not at present make any money off this Blog and have no intentions of doing so. This however may change depending on future developments. I do this all for the love of Palestine.


Feel free to disagree with me or tell me I’m completely crazy in the comments section of each blog entry. Please be polite. I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever – like abusive, profane, rude, anonymous comments, and spam. Once a comment passes moderation I won’t be held responsible for the contents of blog comments. And I’m not responsible for any laws that may be broken in any country through the content, implication, and intent of blog comments. Don’t bother commenting with a url as I will delete your comment. 

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